What Electronic Press Kit (EPK) stands for?

Electronic press kit works as a portfolio or business card for artists: Musicians, Djs, Models… An electronic press kit is a traditional promo package in digital form. An electronic press kit, also known as an EPK, always contains bio info about the musician and info about releases but can also include press photos, videos, info about upcoming tour dates, backline requirements and more.

Why do you need EPK?

Let’s say you are a musician and trying to book a concert, get a record deal, or network. You are calling a booking agent and he asks for your résumé (EPK), if you don’t have EPK, you probably will not get booked.

Press kits vs Electronic Press Kits

If you are using printed press kits with CDs, it will cost you a lot of money and time to create and send those, and print new ones with updated information. With an EPK you avoid the postage and mail fees, avoid having the booking agent or the promoter wait. EPK also is a green solution. It is easier to cram info into an electronic press kit than a traditional promo package. However, be aware that not everyone you wish to target with a press package is open to receiving EPKs - be sure to find out the preferences of the people you are contacting.

If you decide to create an EPK, what options do you have?

   1. Hire a designer and pay a minimum amount of $500 for an EPK, but you will not have the option of changing your content in the future. Also you need to buy a domain name which is about 8-9$ per year. In addition, you need to buy a server space (Hosting) which can range from 5$-50 per month and higher (depending on provider, how much space do you need, how much bandwidth will you use, etc.).

   2. Go to www.ArtistEcard.com, create your EPK online in minutes, pay a low monthly fee, starting from 7.99$ per month. ArtistEcard designers will help you develop custom backgrounds, logos… at no charge.

Examples of EPK:

- Singer
www.artistecard.com/ephyra - Rock Band
www.artistecard.com/oleksandra - Professional Model
- Dj

Now You Decide!
And good luck in your career.

If you find better EPK online tool, let us know, because we couldn’t.